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The Story Behind Dorwest best-seller Keepers’s Mix is the ultimate natural dietary supplement but where did it come from and what does it do?

Keeper’s Mix was originally created by a Dorset gamekeeper and kennel man to help keep his dogs in top condition. Since then, it has been developed further with the benefit of modern herbal knowledge, scientific methods and quality assurances, but the heart of the product remains true to its humble beginnings.

Today, Keeper’s Mix combines the benefits of a unique and specially selected blend of eight herbs to provide natural antioxidants (to neutralise free radicals), vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fibres and complex bioactive compounds. The natural active compounds in these herbs work together to promote all-round health, supporting vital organs and maintaining natural balance in your pet’s body, as well as encouraging a thick and healthy coat.

Keepers Mix is carefully formulated so that the individual properties of each herb provide health and vitality to major organs, with no risk of unbalancing the diet – even for cats and dogs that are fed complete pet food. This means that giving Keeper’s Mix daily benefits all cats and dogs, regardless of their diet or lifestyle, which might be why it has been a staple for pets, working dogs and show animals across the globe for over 25 years! it is particularly loved by those who choose to raw feed, due to its 100% herbal ingrediants and nothing artificial.

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unique herbal dietary supplement ideal for all pets as an all-round boost or to provide extra nutritional support for dogs experiencing increased physical demands.

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